New programs installed always appear in smaller icons with a common white backing. To change to one larger icons similar to that of Samsung, you will need at least one image file of size 128 x 128 and add a few entries to the registry.

Here's the step to add you own customised icon

1) Navigate to the folder where the program reside, jot down the full filename. For instance, the default windows inbox, "tmail.exe".

2) Prepare an image file with the background set to transparent. Copy the file to your device.

3) To add a new icon, edit the following registry entry and increment the stated number in Decimal by one
e.g. Since my last count is 65, i entered 66 here.

4) Navigate to the following registry key and add a new value of REG_SZ type[HKLM\Software\Cube\MenuSpecialItems\]
Value Name: 65 (Input the original value in step 3)
Value Data: tmail.exe (the actual filename that you wish to customise)

5) Add a new value of REG_SZ in the either of the following registry key, 3D refers to the green menu while 2D refers to the red variant.

Value Name: 65 (Same value as in step 4)
Value Data: @menuimage-\Windows\gmail.png

Value Name: 65 (Same value as in step 4)
Value Data: @menuimage-\Windows\gmail.png

6) Finally, save the changes and restart the main menu =D