a new gadget each day keeps the doc away

Just realise there are some hidden features added to the HJ1 firmware as compared to the previous versions. Din't notice it until i hard reset my Omnia today

  • The Windows Media Player supports playback of rmvb! Tried playing back a few real movies, the new added codec works pretty well, there's no drop in frame rate. However, you cant forward or rewind the video, neither is there any sound coming out. Not sure if its my videos or the codec issue.
  • There's a PDF reader!!! The included reader is a Boratech File Viewer v3.00 SGH-I900. That's the splash screen when a pdf is loaded. Runs smoothly on my Omnia, the problem is that there is no way that you could launch the program directly without opening a pdf file! Neither is there an option to open a new pdf file within the program. On top of that, having checked the task manager, it seems that it is the same program that do tv-out viewer?

Enough for the surprise find, there's really alot to discover about the Omnia


Since this digicam has been out for long, i shall not go into the details as most would have been covered by other reviewers.

Straight to the photos...

The star of tonight

The long list of features dotted the side of the box

The flash is hidden, and only pop ups when it is required. I would prefer the conventional one thou, cos this mechanism does make some noise when the flash swings up. However, the 2 dials flanking both sides come very handy in configuring the camera.

The horizontal and vertical rows of buttons you seen here are actually touch buttons! This mechanism combines the benefits of both conventional buttons and touch screen. You get to 'hover' over a button to see the description of the related funtion, which is something missing out from touch screen. Depressing the button activate the related function, the benefit of jumping straight to the function you want, instead of scrolling through the entire list like those with normal button controls.
Kudos to the Samsung engineers who came up with this hybrid system.

Some shots taken by the cam follows, this cam take pretty decent photos, but nothing much to wow about. Though, this camera is one of the very few out there that allows you to use optical zoom while taking video. One point to note, the sound is not recorded while optical zoom is in operation.