a new gadget each day keeps the doc away

Received a Milestone as part of RippleVox Trial program. On top of the phone, Starhub has also throw in free MaxMobile Premium  data plan for a month! Yippe!

The milestone has a sturdy build quality, especially the slide-out keyboard, it feels that it will last for long. In addition, the golden touch to a little here and there, plus the rubbery backing add a nice classy feel to the phone.

Some thought here, I would prefer spring loaded slider, but the manual mechanism works very well still. For some reasons, lately more phones are designed without the hot-swappable micro-SD slot, so does the Milestone. Not much of an issue though, these are nice to have, but not must.

Unlike other region, this Milestone is preloaded with the latest Android, Eclair version 2.1. The startup splash screen has been modified to that of Starhub, and the set is preloaded with Starhub wallpapers and Mobile TV app.

Logged in to my google account, and milestone is all sync with my contacts, calendars and emails =D

Next milestone for Milestone - Maximise its potential!