a new gadget each day keeps the doc away

Hard reset through hardware keys is so important that it just has to come before the review :P

To perform hard reset, first make sure the phone is power off

1. Press and hold Volume Up, Lock, Call and Hang Up buttons
2. The phone will vibrate and the Samsung logo will appears.
3. Count to 3 and release all buttons (release em approximately when the format screen shows up)

There you go :D

There's an alternative you could punch into the phone,

Caution though, this keycode format the phone, including the 8GB internal storage, right away without any prompt!


Shhh! Don't tell my mama!


There are a group of pros working on porting android over to Omnia. At this time, the andromnia is at revision 145. Still unstable at this time and the phone functions are not working yet. But we should be able to see a fully functionally andromnia soon :D


There is a Google gadget that i wish it could be on my sidebar ever since i started picking up korean, that is 'Korean Audio Word of the Day'. Searching around the Internet leads me to a piece of free software that allows me to do just that.

The Amnesty Generator allows users to convert any big boys' gadgets to one that could be installed onto windows 7/vista sidebar.

So here's how it goes :D

Select the web widget that you are intending to convert, hit Open Site in Browser

Search for the intended gadget, click Add to your webpage

Customise to your liking, you could adjust the width and height in the amnesty generator, but there is no preview mode. When you are done, click Get the Code. Copy and paste the HTML from the textbox to amnesty.

The name will appear as the Name field will be the one used to identify the gadget from the library. You could also add an image to identify your own gadget. Click Generate, and the your Gadget will be created in your windows' gadget library!

P.S. The window will close when Generate is being clicked.

Those interested to backup the gadget, its located in the following directory
C:\Users\Wen Qiang\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets\