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Stress! Stress! Stress!
Everyone are getting stressed up recently. Especially during this period of time where lotsa assignments and quizzes clamping together.
2 suicides in NTU, and now the counselling centre decides to give a talk, "Sleeping Well with Pills" to help everyone.
They realise we need to pop pills to get some gd sleep now,
else more people heading west.

Okay, its obviously it should be without pills, but just cant stop laughing at this simple typo.

Even the counsellors are so stressed!


To change initial ringtone to loud instead of soft, go to the following registry

Change INITVOL from 2 to 4 and soft reset the phone.

Alternative solution:

Go to HKCU\ControlPanel\SoundCategories\Ring\AttenuationCategory and change the value to 1 and you are all fixed. No more annoying increasing ringtone. Set it loud and have it loud, set it low and keep it low 
There are 3 values that the AttenuationCategory can be set for. 

0 is no ringtone volume
1 is flat ringtone volume
2 is increasing ringtone volume


Note that these 2 methods doesnt work for all handset... still trying to explore the reason behind it...