Omnia II

The microSD slot is hot swappable, though hidden underneath the back cover.

Closeup of the new stylus, find the grip better now, but its non extendable.

Touchwiz Widgets 2.0
The new widget screen comes in 3 pages, and 29 widgets. Now the updated version locks the widgets in placed when the drawer is withdrawn.

2 worth mentioning widgets are the Date and Shortcut widgets. The date widget shows the next appointment while the latter allows you to set up to 10 shortcuts to your favourite programs.

The widget setting allows you to select which of the widgets to be shown. Certain widgets are disabled out of the box.

Touchwiz Menu
Samsung alternative to winmo programs, 2 different designs are available.

The menu is highly customisable. Up to 10 pages could be created, title for each page and shortcuts could be modified.

3D media cube
To navigate around the cube, drag the cube around or press the respective tab at the bottom of the screen. All the screen are presented in a similar carousel style with thumbnails (that includes bookmarks too!)

Large icons for the taskbar and volume controls

New incoming call screen! You get to reject a call and send an sms automatically =)
Something need to be fix urgently over here. The phone gets unlocked when a call comes in, that is a big no-no.

The new task manager with a 3D view or a grid view

The new lock screen that shows the tally of unread sms, emails, and miss calls. Personally find it nice. It would be better if more information could be presented, such as appointments and sms preview. Customisation of the lock screen is restricted to the background and 2 digital clocks to choose from.

Touchwiz Setting
Majority of the settings could be configured under the touch-friendly Touchwiz settings.

Mobile Tracker, similar to the ones on other Samsung phones, is available on Omnia II. This application allows you to preset a number that the phone will send a sms to when it detect a different simcard is inserted. What's nice is that even if the phone has been hard reset, the settings are still there! This knock off any other alternatives out there in the market!