Digital Frame
This software has been there since i900. It is kinda making i8000 to behaving like a digital photo frame. The software will cycle through the selected photos in the background, with some of the phone's notifications overlaid.

Photo album
This nifty software allows you to browse through your photos. In landscape mode, it has this cool 3D card effect with the photos of each folder being spread across the screen. While viewing the photos, you could use the one finger zoom to enlarge the photo or tilting the phone sideway would scroll to the next photo =D

5 MP Camera
As the old saying goes, if it's aint broke, don't fix it. The camera interface remains largely the same as what is on i900. The video recording mode does receive a slight upgrade, with the added resolution of 720 x 480.

Midomi Mobile
If you are on the move and overhear something you like, could not recognise what music is that? No worries, just whip out your i8000. Another neat application included in i8000 is this piece of software that allows you to search for music by singing, or humming to the phone.

Recording and recognising the song.

No problem recognising non-english song! Cool!

They even provide links to the mv and lyrics ;D

FM Radio
Same old radio application here, you could record the channels, and set up to 12 favourite frequencies.

Touch Player
Lastly, the multimedia player. 2 possible audio enhancement for you to choose from, namely DNSe and SRS. The largest video resolution the player could playback is 720 x 480. That means no HD videos, but the wealth of codec supported should be more than enough to justify the lower resolution.