The best deal with 5800 bundle probably going to be the free unlimited music downloads. Not only that, you could share the songs with any of your friends :D

But there's a catch, the songs are, of course, digitally protected, so they could only be played back on nominated PC and compatible nokia phones. Basically when the nokia software is set up, the user will have to nominate a PC for the synchronisation of the music. So even though you could install the software across multiple computers, only one would be recognised. That do limits the unlimited music greatly, cause only one comp sitting at home could playback the files...

Since i do sync my music files across multiple computers, don't really like that limitation being imposed.

On to the sync software itself, the software is rather unstable. Not sure if it's my machine, the software often quits when i try to preview the songs.

Another frequent problem is the inability to download the songs. There's no error message being shown, basically just a cross at those songs not downloaded. Eventually, i have to resort to using the phone to download the songs.

Another issue would be the user friendliness of the store, it seems to me that there is no way to browse the store. So users better know what they want to find, otherwise no 'window shopping' on the music store.

Additionally, like many other online store for singapore, there's no way to search for a chinese song using chinese characters. Though this is something very minor.

The sluggish performance of the software leaves much to desire. It seems that my broadband could not cope with the few list of songs.

Looking back my post, it appears like its all bashing of the software, haha. Most importantly, the songs are all for free, who cares about those limitations =P