Besides the handset, the trial bundle comes with free MaxMobile Value. The data plane comes with 10MB for $5.35 per month. Excess usage is chargable at 0.32 cents/KB and capped at $36.38.

This plan probably designed for all the like users like me. Occasionally email checking, surfing the web on the go, definately fit in well with the free bundled data. Best part is that, when needs arises for heavy usage, the plan provides additional data usage and limits the amount of charges. So i don't have to worry about hefty charges out of no where like the iphone in the past.

Comparing to Singtel data plan, Starhub has a better offer in my opinion. Singtel does not impose any limit on the excess charges, so bill may skyrocket if the user did not keep track. Although excess charges is cheaper on Singtel plan, but they charge at 2KB block, so any part thereof, you have to pay. There is also a minimum charges of $0.03/session, which works out to be around 11KB. Not comfortable with this per session thingy, not really sure how does Singtel defines a single session.

Anyway, definately recommend anyone with Starhub plan to take on the Value plan, the charges are transparent enough for my liking. Those with slightly higher usage could also opt for Premium plan that bundles with 1GB for $19.90, other charges remains the same.