Managed to get hold of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic trial set. What set it apart from previous trials, this comes bundled with free MaxMobile Data plan! Now i can use my phone to surf net like nobody's business

My set comes with the following items

  • 5800 handset with stylus
  • Extra pen stylus
  • Stereo Headset, wired handsfree
  • 8GB microSD
  • Portable Stand
  • Video-Out cable
  • Installaion CD
  • Manuals + many promotional leaflets

Pretty much the same as those retails sets, less the stylus plectrum and carrying case.

The phone feels great on hand, and the battery cover has this rubbery feel that assure you it would slip off your hand.

Comparing Samsung Omnia with Nokia 5800, the latter has a longer, narrow screen.

Something interesting about the phone is the placement of the simcard slot and memory card slot. New users definately won't be able to locate them without reading up the manual. They are well hidden behind the volume buttons!

Open Sesame, buttons!

More about the phones in the next post :P