Despite being the first touch device, the OS is great, carried on the user friendliness from previous symbians. A few tweaks and the OS will be perfect.

The touch interface ain't implemented consistently across, a double click is required to activate an item in list menu, while a single click is sufficient for grid interface.

In addition, unlike unconventional touch interface, flick scrolling is not available, in placed is a drag scrolling. Tried both type of scrolling mechanism, personally would still prefer the flick scrolling.

Hey, but the dual speaker and the bundled stand makes up for all the minus. These 2 combinations make the 5800 an excellent music device.

As the dual speaker situated along the left side of the phone, mounting the phone on the stand creates a down firing speaker. Maybe its just me, but i find that amplify the sound and make it more stereo

Finally, topping it all, is the unlimited music download from CWM :D

Now i have a mini hifi set sitting in my room.