A new initiative by Starhub now allows users to watch some of the cable channels live on the go. And its free for some channels or just a mere dollar per day per channel. The live streaming of the channels work very well, with high quality images and audio most of the time. While the travelling underground, there's some intermission occasionally though.

There are 21 channels, some of the big boys are included, such as Channel Newsasia, CNBC, National Geographic and BBC. There's even 7 days TV programme guide built in to check out the upcoming programmes!
After testing the TV mobile on both android and windows mobile, both works similarly. Except, the windows mobile client allows you to create a scheduled reminder for the TV programme, something pretty neat that has been left out in the android version.

Wish Starhub could expand the service to all of their tv channels, especially those bundled free with cable tv subscription. Even better if the client could record the programmes and playback on the mobile phone sometime later. =P