Just received my package from Starhub, a D-Link DCM-604 integrated wireless voice modem, Huawei E1550 broadband stick and my mobile broadband simcard

After years of serving under the red umbella, have now decided to jump over to the green camp. Signed up for MaxOnline ExpressPlus bundle, 8Mbps home broadband, 1Mbps mobile broadband, and landline, all for $38.95 per month. Since i have signed up under corporate rates and hubber bonus, i only have to fork out 13 buck under for the delivery! =)

Tested the connection on speedtest and pingtest, the line quality is crap. Everytime when i tried to go bukit timah, all other applications got kick out of connection.

Hook up my router to the voice modem.... and that problem is resolved! Pretty decent performance now..

Here's a heads up for the mobile broadband in my area.