The Milestone is exclusively available from Starhub. Among the first to boost Android 2.1 out of the box, the firmware also have slight touches by the telco. The most obvious modification is the start up splash screen being replaced by Starhub logo. A Starhub wallpaper is also included in the phone and a page indicator widget is built into the home screen. Some of the default 3D applications are not seen in this built, namely the main menu and 3D gallery.

Other than an occasional restart, the phone works smoothly and great. Good software in excellent hardware, plus the crazy pricing places this android phone at the top of the pack!

A picture represents a thousand words, let alone a video. Check out the video for more indepth walkthrough of the user interface. =P

Not able to do a screenshot least i root the phone, which probably cause the staff at rip to root me..