Here's a quick fix to the "Incorrect software version!".

One common issue is that you are trying to downgrade the firmware, check out my previous thread on how sammy derived their version number. The updater is very firm on only one way update, ie upgrading to newer version.

- Get your favourite registry edit
- change HKCU\Control Panel\Version\CustomVersion from DXHJ1 to any version number that is lower than the one you are trying to install

Voila! You should be able to install the new firmware, be it upgrade or downgrade.

Another common issue is that the phone region setting is different to that of the firmware that you are trying to install. You should always try the first method unless you are sure that the region code is affecting the updating

Press the 'dial' key to the left of the optical pad to bring up the dialer
With the onscreen keypad input *#1546792*#
Select 'Preconfiguration'
Enter code *#81230*# and select OK
Select 'Singapore', with the default Operator
Run update, and all should be well.