Samsung has yet released another firmware for Omnia, now its the i900DZIA5.

I have not seen another manufacturer being so aggressive in the firmware updates. Yeah, I know others are releasing new firmware pretty quickly, but those are just bugs fixed. This is a different scenario for Samsung as each release does make some major changes or even new applications added!

8 months on and the phone is still going strong. :D

##WARNING! This firmware clears the storage space (the 8/16gb memory)! ##

Here's a quick look at the new firmware,

Total: 91.87 MB
In Use: 39.91 MB
Free: 52.05 MB

Total: 96.55 MB
In Use: 43.91 MB
Free: 52.64 MB

  • New settings for enhanced GPS. 
    You could now opt to update when omnia is connected to PC via ActiveSync
  • Phonebook now has a finger friendly scrolling bar, the alphabet list has been removed.
  • New finger friendly volume control
  • Favourite Settings, a finger friendly application that access some of the settings
  • Share pix, similar to shozu, for you to upload your images, videos. But this time round it is uploading directly to the site you want.
  • Asphalt: Elite Racing 4 Ver 1.2.0!!
  • Omnia Online widgets, now you can download more widgets. but the old widgets are gone
  • Opera 9.5 build 15746

The 'My Storage' has been cleared and some stuffs are included here

  • The asphalt game is installed here (so is the cab file)
  • 2 music files, TheOMNIA and BeyongSamsung
  • Kung Fu Panda trailer
  • Transformers trailer
  • Omnia video tutorial
  • Omnia launch video (Introduction and Episodes)