A new firmware has been posted on the web, latest version standing at i900DZHK3. http://www.samsungmobile.com/promotion/omnia/index.jsp

After upgrading mine to HK3, not much changes have been spotted. The status of the memory are as follows;

Total: 86.70 MB
In Use: 41.38 MB
Free: 45.32 MB

Total: 96.70 MB
In Use: 41.12 MB
Free: 55.58 MB

Pretty much the same here.

A new application has been added, the G-Sensor Dice is now added to the firmware. The rest stays largely the same.

One bug that is fixed now is the clock on the title bar. On older firmware, clicking on the clock does not show the bubble for next appointment. It is working now, but holding on the clock doesnt allow you to toggle between digital and analog clock still.

That's all folks!