There are 3 tabs on the home screen, namely home, phonebook and settings.
To switch around these tabs, just tab on the respective icon.

Below are more options that you could do at each tab;

- Tap on the icon to bring up the main menu
- Tap and hold on the clock to show up the option menu. Inside the option menu, you have 2 different style of clock to choose from, and whether to display world time.
-Pressing the Cancel key will bring up the home tab also!

- Tap on the empty slot to add an entry.
- Tap on the phonebook icon, the negative icon will show up, and you could remove entries from the list.
- To replace an entry, you would hav to remove it before you could add.
- There are a total of 27 quickdial slots!

-Tap on the Setting icon to unlock the page.
-Tap on any of the 9 icons to toggle the setting after you have unlock.
-To lock the page, tap on any of the tabs.
-Flight mode turn off WIFI, Bluetooth, and Phone