As I'm a forgetful person, I rely heavily on the built-in calendar, a.k.a organiser, of my phone to keep of my stuff. The calendar on the Soul, though simple, definately is not short on features. 

There are total of 5 different categories for the events, namely appointment, anniversary, holiday, important and private. Each has its own representation on the cal (as shown on the picture from left to right). No worries on different events falling on the same day, the phone takes care of that by marking different corners to represent each category, and a different colour for the font for a holiday. One could readily have a quick glance on what's coming up, without having to open up the daily view. 

The usual stuff are also present such as recussive events and event alarms. The calendar also allows me to import birthdays stored in the contact! This does save me some job on transferring the birthdays to the calendar manually. Another nice addtion is the lunar calendar at the bottom of the screen, comes handy for those religous events. 

Another major revamp from old Samsung's calendar is the delete function. What so special about it? You could delete events based on a period of time, instead of the usual per event deletion. There are basically 5 different options. You could delete events on a single day, a period of days, a selected month, any events before a certain date, or basically delete all. In my opinion, the most useful feature would be deleting all events before the specified date. This has been the most important feature but has been missed out in majority of the calendars, this is even so for desktop calendars! All calendars' developers out there, this is a must-have feature! Why do i want to keep all my past events, at least provide some way to for the events to delete automatically or have this feature implemented such that users could delete all the previous events at one go!

Navigation through the calendar haven't been much a problem. There are few shortcut keys implemented for scrolling through the calendar;
-Direction keys : usual mechanism of scrolling through the days
-Up key : press the up key a few times, and the month would be highlighted, and you could scroll through the months
-Volume keys : simply for scrolling through the months
-Clear key: basically delete all the events on the selected day
-numpad: pressing any numbers bring up a prompt, you could jump straight to the day you want :)

This is a really neat calendar that suits all my needs. There is however one shortfall. On older models, there is an option to display the calendar on the standby screen, but has since left out in the new Samsung phones. Anyhow, the cal is nicely implemented for the majority of the normal users.