One of the major update is the kinetic scroll that has been implemented across all list! Finally they have added this much wanted feature. If my eyes are not playing trick on me, the vertical scroll bar seems to be slightly thicker than usual. But who cares anyway, especially since the kinetic scroll is already in placed. 

On top of that, there are alot of minor changes in the Settings.

  1. A feedback option for using the 4-way navigation finger mouse. 
    Wonder why they din add the option to change the cursor since all the curors are in the device.
  2. Additional tab under Motion Sensor for the rotate animation
  3. Under Power setting, there is an option to enable/disable the Wi-Fi saving mode, i.e the phone will not switch off the Wi-Fi if you hav disabled it! 
  4. Now you have the option to change settings for the End Key, either to lock the device or disconnect data calls.
  5. Additional SIP, the Samsung Panel and PlumSIP. These have been added in earlier firmware or so i heard.
  6. Previously there are 20 type of rhythmic vibration, but now they have cut it to only 5. Hmmm, i wonder why....
  7. Under Phone, Video Call, there is an additional option "When video call connection is not successful, alternative methods can be chosen from options." 
    Errr, dun get it...
  8. Under Today screen, there is additional Samsung Today 1, and Idle Mode Text. I couldn't get the Idle Mode Text to show anything. Anyone knows what is it for?

Other changes in the phone.

  1. Additional 3 widgets, Profile, Phonebook, and Wireless Manager. These widgets have been added for firmware after F8.
  2. Now there are 2 pages in Samsung menu, there is a scroller at the side for the programs listing.
  3. New clock application, with Alarms, Memorial Day, World Clock and Stop watch.
    There seems to be a very high limit to the number of alarms you can add. I have added 30+ alarms, and the application still allows me to add more.
  4. New Connected Home application
  5. New calculator
  6. Smart Reader. Its a business card reader and text reader.
  7. Slow Motion Video Recording!!!
  8. In the mail box, there is a new option under Menu > Select Messages. You could select All, All Below or Several

Following are the screenshot of the new settings..