After reading the article by ComputerWorld on the reliability of android manufacturers upgrading their devices to 2.2, decided to do a similar comparison for the devices released in Singapore.

Similarly, all (hopefully) the android phones and tablet (there's only one actually) released in year 2010 are included in the comparison, with their launch date, version of android at launch time, date with upgrade available locally, and upgraded version of android. Here's a table of all the data.

The local scene is somewhat similar to that of the US. Below is the chart that shows the percentage of devices that are running android 2.2 by end of 2010, be it being upgraded to 2.2 or launched with 2.2.

The second chart here presents the average duration manufacturers took to release an upgrade, regardless of upgrade to 2.1 and 2.2.

HTC is your best bet where you might consider giving your money to. Other than google, HTC leads the pack in providing the latest android experience locally. In fact, they have actually upgraded all their 2010 phones to 2.2 in the international market! Kudos to them!

Samsung and LG took an average of 3 months to upgrade their phones. And both of them have upgraded only a third of their portfolio. Despite a spectacular sale of 10 million units, the upgrade of Galaxy S to 2.2 has been dreadfully slow. With Singapore as the launch city for Galaxy S, but among the last few Asia Pacific countries to get the upgrade aint making their consumers happy.
Sony Ericsson also took 3 months to upgrade their phones, but only to 2.1. Not only that, all of their phones come preinstalled with android 1.6 at launch. Especially when android 2.1 and 2.2 was out in January and June respectively, Sony Ericsson still pushes out dated phone in later part of the year, such as X8 with 1.6.

While Motorola provided a reliable update to their phones in the US markets, that does not seem to be so in Singapore or AP. 9 phones are launched in 2010, and they are still stuck in their original android, with some running aged 1.5 and 1.6.

In conclusion, HTC is the most reliable after sales updates, followed by LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Motorola.