Just gotten a non-camera phone as required due to my workplace. Have been searching one for quite sometime, eventually settled on the Sony Ericsson G700 Business Edition. It's quite an old model, but one with better organiser function as compared to other non-camera phone. Yeah, i know there are few models under Nokia's belt, but Nokia is never my preferred choice, lol!

Actually kinda disappointed over the performance of the phone, its laggy, even with no messages in the inbox, it will take a few seconds to load up the inbox. Similar to windows mobile, all applications are minimized and not closed. After using some period of time, i would have to go to the task manager to close everything. Quite a haste if you ask me.

I was quite tempted to get Samsung Jet since its launched, how i wish it comes with a non-camera version... Pray, pray, praying hard... haha