1. first of all, u need to get the games.

2. Using pc studio, transfer the .jar & .jad files to the folder Other files.
Alternatively, using memorycard reader, put the .Jar and .jad files into the “other files” folder on the memory card. Insert the card to the phone, next copy the files from the memory card to the phone.

P.S. u could oso use bluetooth to transfer the files to the fone… these files will be located on the folder “other files” in the phone. AND jad file is required for the fone to install the app/game

3. Once that is done go back to the standby screen.

4. Type in

5. select Install MIDlet from the menu
it will now ask for a password, enter the following

6. once that is done, select the jad file and press install.
Viola! there u hav ur game installed under app’s > java world> my games!

tested to be working on my e900
firmware: E900DXFF7